A standard family session takes about an hour to shoot.  Post processing is completed over the next week and your finished (and ready to print) photos are ready in about a week.   This session gives up time to achieve a variety of looks.  $299
Senior Portraits:   Session takes about an hour.  Senior portraits allow for more time to change outfits (if desired) and have a few different looks.  $299  Portraits for the yearbook (as specified) are included.
Men's portraits: These are a fabulous way to to capture yourself!  I shoot these in black and white only.  I make you handsome, rugged, and masculine.  This is a great gift for your wife, children and grandchildren.  $299
The vacation: 8 hours of lifestyle photo coverage on a day your vacation. Travel time of up to 2 hours from Denver is included in price (longer distances for additional fee).  I take a whole day of photographs for you to remember your great times from vacation.  I can start as early as your breakfast and/or end when you tuck the kids in for the night.  Yes, activity photos are possible (I ski, bike, hike, etc). This is a great way to have a ton of spectacular photos from your vacation with everyone included in the photos! $1500
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