I make you look your best while capturing moments of genuine happiness.
I am a photographer based out of the Denver area.  I'm a Christian, a husband, and a father of two wonderful kids.  I love to photography families and kids.  Children bring such great and vibrant energy into a photo shoot!  I know several photographers who don't love working with the energy level of kids...and their work shows it.  A family photographer needs to be able to relate with kids and help keep them 'on track' with the photo shoot.
Capturing emotion in a photo is what sets apart a great photo from a snapshot.  I understand working with kids and how to get the best poses from them.  Even on the best days however, it is important to realize that sometimes you must sacrafice perfection for expression with kid
I believe a photograph doesn't really exist until it is printed so that you can hold, share, and really admire it.  Screens just don't make a photograph come to life.  Because of this, all my photographs are offered as prints.
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